MB HomeCare

Response to COVID-19

Keeping Our Staff and Clients Safe

  • Strict adherence to CDC guidelines for infection control best practices
  • Ongoing education and communication with staff, clients, and families
  • Staff wear surgical masks every shift and additional PPE as appropriate for the situation
  • Staff are using vigilant hand washing/sanitizing, cleaning all high touch surfaces in the client’s home each shift and remain 6 foot away from client when not performing care
  • We ask our staff to self-monitor for respiratory symptoms prior to work
  • We monitor our staff prior to each shift with screening questions
  • Staff working in facilities with MB clients are tested routinely (per facility policy)
  • RNs are conducting virtual assessments to minimize exposure
  • Staff observe and report any symptoms a client may exhibit
  • We avoid taking clients out into public areas unless scheduled for a medical appointment
  • We make every effort to limit the number of staff who go into the home

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