MB HomeCare

OUR Story

Steve ShultzIn 2004 MB HomeCare was created by my mother, Barbara Schultz. Barbara realized very quickly that there was a strong need for personal care services by a company that truly cares for their clients and caregivers, after a local homecare company that Barbara was employed with decided to close abruptly without giving anyone notice. Barbara showed up to work with this company to find a note on the door and the locks changed. Soon after, she was making and receiving frantic calls from clients and caregivers looking to her for answers on what to do next.

One client’s son, in particular, took the news as expected but had a different view. He said, “Barbara, we don’t know who the company’s owner is; we are a client because of you and how you and your staff truly care about my mom like she was your own mother.” Barbara knew he was right, and right then and there, she decided would help to the best of her ability. MB HomeCare continued growing under Barbara’s leadership and the dynamic staff she had working for her. After many years of providing companion services, MB HomeCare applied for and received the designation of Residential Service Agency through the State of Maryland.

While my wife, Katie, had been working with Barbara at MB HomeCare since 2012, I entered this business and the homecare world in 2017 when Barbara needed help after her long-time care coordinator moved to Florida. I had just started my own fingerprinting company but decided to step in and help with caregiver scheduling between fingerprinting appointments. This began my wonderful journey with MB HomeCare.

Steve, Katie, BarbIn 2012, my grandmother, Barbara’s mother, went into the hospital for a somewhat routine procedure only to have multiple complications and leave a shell of herself months later. My grandmother was in a coma weeks after the surgery; doctors were unsure of her condition if she awoke. One thing was certain; she would never be able to live independently again. She eventually did come out of the coma being the fighter she was but required full care, and Doctors would recommend my grandmother be placed into a facility that could handle her needs. The prognosis was not good, giving my grandmother a shortened time left on earth.

Barbara decided to move my grandmother in with her and be her primary caregiver. Throughout the years, my grandmother’s condition continued to worsen. Barbara would eventually need the assistance of a few wonderful caregivers to team up to give my grandmother the care she needed.

shultz family

Throughout this time, my whole family assisted with my grandmother’s needs when we could, pitching in here and there, but Barbara was the constant provider, being there with my grandmother day in and day out, trying to balance work and the life of a caregiver of a loved one. Watching this care in action, I had an epiphany, I always knew the service our company provided was needed, but it wasn’t until this event touched our family that I witnessed what loving, compassionate care inside a place of comfort can really do. My grandmother lived for ten years after her accident, and I truly attribute it to the care she received from MB HomeCare.

As I have grown with MB HomeCare and worked in all areas of the company, I am proud to now be the Owner. I bring the same values and principles that have been in place since the day Barbara found that fateful note on the locked office door, and I will continue the legacy started in 2004. My mission remains that each client we serve should be provided with the same compassionate care that kept my grandmother with us for so long.

Steven Schultz Owner, MB Homecare