MB HomeCare

Kathy Basilone, CMT

Director of HR

Prior to joining MB Homecare in 2010, Kathy spent many years with a large insurance company processing health claims. She witnessed the misfortune of many people having repeated hospital admissions. Many of the admissions were due to falls and self neglect. She knew then that one on one care could surely help minimize the ER trips and hospital admissions.

When she reached out to MB HomeCare she realized that Barbara Schultz’s vision of home care was exactly in line with what she was seeking. Thus, MB HomeCare was a perfect match for her next career move.

Her vast experience in the business world, with a concentration in recruiting has made her a key player when interviewing and hiring caregivers. Looking for compassion, competence, attention to detail and caring for clients as if they were their own family are a few of the qualities Kathy looks for when hiring.

Kathy wears many hats in the company. Because she is so dedicated, she still provides support to some of the families that have requested her. However, she also does the recruiting and interviewing of all new hires. She assists with scheduling as well.

She believes that providing excellent support to families and loved ones are ingredients for success.

Kathy has also been certified as a Med Technician and works under the direction of our Clinical Director to administer medicine to our patients.