Is It Time

Often times the signs of a loved one needing in-home assistance are very subtle and easily overlooked.

Our Signal Survey was developed to help you better understand your loved ones needs and if the time is right for in-home care. Please take a few moments to answer the questions in the two tables below.

What Should You Consider?
Does your loved one have trouble remembering you or recalling your name?
Is your loved one unable to remember things like the date or day of the week?
Has your loved one become less socially active and more withdrawn?
Have you noticed physical signs indicating a fall, such as bruising?
Have you noticed any significant weight loss?
Are your loved ones cabinets full of food lacking any nutritional value?
Are there foul odors emanating from your loved ones cabinets and/or refrigerator?
Is your loved one’s home disorganized and cluttered?
Have you noticed your loved one not taking medication?
Have you noticed your loved one taking medication improperly?
Do you notice your loved one wearing the same clothes day after day?
Do you notice your loved one wearing their nightclothes throughout the day?
Is your loved one wearing clothes with food stains?
Is it obvious that your loved one is lacking proper hygiene?