Renee C. Mabry

Client Care Coordinator/Scheduler

My name is Renee C. Mabry. I am a native New Yorker, who relocated to Maryland in late December of 2019 to live closer to my son & 2 grandsons. I have an extensive background in homecare & this past February I realized I have been in homecare for 24 years.

I started in homecare in February of 1997 as a temporary receptionist for a homecare agency Family Care Services. Just as my temp position was ending I was approached by the Director of the agency to stay on as a coordinator. He went on to say he was impressed with me. I was approachable, kind, caring, hard working, great customer service & he especially liked my work ethic. After a formal interview, I got the Coordinator position & I realized that was my calling. Over the years I worked my way to a pretty well known Homecare agency in New York, The Visiting Nurse Service of New York. I worked there for a combined total of 19 years.

I love helping people, especially the elderly. I love having a career in helping others, an advocate for the sick, especially seniors & the elderly. I also have found a homecare company, MB Homecare that I can genuinely say feels like working for family & makes every employee feel like they matter, especially their concerns, ideas & opinions. I look forward to many years of working with MB Homecare & serving our communities.